How to Immigrate to the US from the UK?

Well, there are many ways based on which you can immigrate to the US from the UK but the following two are the most crucial ones: permanent residency and temporary immigrant basis.

Apply for a temporary immigrant visa

The best way to immigrate to the US is to get a visa for immigration. For receiving this type of visa you should get a sponsorship from an existing US citizen who is your close relative (spouse, siblings, and parents) or a US employer who is a permanent resident there.The sponsor should begin the process of the visa immigration of his sponsorship candidate by going to the USCIS and filing up a petition.

Moreover, a US citizen is eligible to file such a petition for the relatives who are his/her spouse, siblings, kids, and parents.A US employer can refer someone for the visa immigration process and put up an I-140 petition with USCIS if the alien worker is highly skilled; however, if the skills of the immigrant are quite specialized, he is given the privilege of sponsoring himself for the immigrant visa.

Apply for permanent residency

This is the other process which includes the following major steps: applying for a green card and become a US citizen. First and foremost you must find out whether you are eligible for a green card. If you are in the US on a non-immigrant visa and want to become a permanent residence, you can apply for one of the available categories in an adjustment of status. The permanent residency is valid for those people who have a family relative having a US citizenship, or for those who have stable full-time employment in the US.

Furthermore, to become eligible for a US citizen you must live in the country for up to five years as a permanent residence; three years for those who come under the other special circumstances such as military services or if you are married to a US citizen.